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You wake up in the middle of the night and you need to pee.

But maybe you shouldn't leave your bed.

Made in 24 hours for Halloween 2021 :)

Tileset by: Asset Bakery


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I need to pee_Mac.zip 26 MB


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Damn, those little scares with tall "ghosts", the sounds when you see them - it really sends a chill down one's spine haha!

Fun short little horror game, nice job. I'll check out the other one too

Appreciate it :)

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I loved this little game so much! I got the good ending first try! It was great and the spooks got me twice! Great job :) The game is second in the video. It starts at 6:20

Thank you!!

Way better than I was expecting. I loved the art style. Hope to see more from you!



this was very interesting... scares definitely got me but i didn't quite understand if there was a hidden meaning in the game or if it was just for fun. either way, this was fun!

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Sorry, but when I got my first jumpscare I instantly uninstalled the game, I'm sorry! Btw it's night time rn. Sorry I didn't get to experience the whole game! I didn't think this game would be scary.


An interesting game about needing to pee. At first I didn't know what to expect but I ended up really liking the game! It was way better than I thought it would be. Good design and layout! Thank you for making this!

Thank you!

cool game

underrated guy :(



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That was a very fun game to play with friends at 1 AM lol (My friends really like the game as well! Great job! It was very interesting, spooky, and fun! (:    )

Thank you!

pee 💛 lol

It was a cool little game, The big Jump really got me XD. Short but sweet!

Appreciate it!

Nice little horror game, got both endings


honestly got me pretty good lmao

This was a great little game! The title was genius and what followed after was really intriguing and fun! The way you made things start happening in the first night itself and then it developed more as the nights went as was really well done (Like the crack in the wall; that was a neat little foreshadowing for the end!) It was fun to play and the simplicity of everything elevated the story you were telling more so! 

Also not sure if it was accessible, but there was a bedroom at the very end with a long wall connecting to the main house. It may have been an easter egg to show that there were others there, but it was a nice little addition to the mystery overall. 

Great little game, it was really fun! Good luck on future projects!

Thank you very much!

I just wanted no pee... The game was pretty solid and I liked it.

Btw, here is my video. I'm a brazilian guy who likes to play some random horror games (gameplay in portuguese). Thanks for the game, opportunity and experience!

I love the concept and story, this is a interesting game and sounds is really spooky 


scared the crap outa me and my sister

I CANT WITH THESE JUMPSCARES, btw great game 8.7/10

Thank you!

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Can't wait for "I need to shit"

That might be a good idea actually lol

Genuinely enjoyed the concept! a

genuinely enjoyed the concept! a lot of minor details to add more to the wtf element. Keep up the good work!


Í̵̢͚̺̳̙̜͙̹͕̙̱̬̀̄̂͑̍̇͘͘ ̶̦̰̣͇͚̲̖̔͋͗̆̄̓̓̾͒̽͐̃͠n̷͛̀͠ͅe̶̛̜̖̟̩͙̟͉͕̣̗̹̲͙̥̪͊̏̂̀̏̐̕͠͝é̶̢̻̒̂̓̓͑͛̊̀d̸̮̈̓ ̵͓͚̞̦͍̟̤͑̄͐̂͗̋̈́̐̚ţ̴̛̮̥̝̼̞͓͛͛͐̾̊̽o̸̥̪̣̝̲͖̹̹̅̿̎͋̐́̆̐͠͝ ̵̢̨̢̮͇̬̮͎͚̘̠̳̗̾̔̂̋̌͗̎̒͌̓p̵̪̖͇̙̦͙͓͂̑̍͌́͛̈̀̍̈̚ͅė̵̡̢͔̯̳̹͔͙͋͐͝͝e̵̤̅̎͂̑̀̀̌͛̚͘

I think I would have just held it until morning. I love when developers are able to make such a creepy game with minimal graphics. Great job. Keep up the good work! 


It was a very cool game and i really enjoyed it

Glad you enjoyed It!

PhiloDev Good Game i Really Like this and i got scared i screamed really loud lmao but thank you for making a game like this for the community we all really appreciate it :)

Thank you very much!!

no problem brother anytime :)

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Game was really cool, had a good laugh on the title, and said fck it ill play it, the jumpscares were simple, but they still got me. and the fact that it was made in 24 hours, is impressive, keep doing what you're doing man:D


Thank you, I really appreciate It!

Pretty fun game for a nice short experience and decently scary

Skip to 15:27 for I Need To Pee


Thank you!!

ok I got it now

what system/app did you use? :o loved it!! prob gonna make a lets-play

I just used Unity with some tiles I found on itch. I gave credit to the author in the description of the game.
I'm happy that you liked it! I'd love to see a let's play :)

Short and scary liked it a lot


Creepy and good use of the minimalist approach.  



TIMMY RUN! Interesting short game. Thankful for it being short. The character had the ride of their life!


im honestly glad i found this game. it was short but still creeped me out.

I'm glad you got spooked ;)

i did not know how to get out of the game at a scary part so i went and play it     i will not be the same anymore lol

happy halloween

jk it was fun but scary but i did not know how get out

this game was really fun and father was scary

Thank you!

I managed to find a secret (better) ending, and I wonder if there are any other ending. Nice game I had fun playing it!


Nice! I appreciate it <3

please tell me how many endings there are?


There are only 2 endings! You have already found both.

How can i get the ohter end

you can walk through the door in the kitchen at the last night (before you go to the ritual thing)

and follow the path that will lead you back to the bed

sorry for my bad english

It's ok , I'm already got it but thank

this made me jump lol i loved it


Thank you!!

Nice and simple, great game



You marked the game as Windows, Mac, and Linux, but I only see an .exe file...

Hey! Yes sorry I forgot to add the game for the others Os. I've added the game for both Linux and Mac now, if you could tell me if everything works fine also for Mac/Linux it would be amazing. Thank you!

Alright. I do not have a Mac, but I was able to test it on Linux. After marking the application as an executable, the Linux version does work.

Perfect, thank you for testing :)

hey! i'm trying to play this game on Mac, however I keep getting an error message that 'you do not have permission to open the application. contact your computer or network administrator' except I AM the administrator, and my friend who works in iOS has tried to help me with all the possible fixes for that error, but no luck. any advice? I really wanna play it on stream for halloween! 

Woooo, I love sooo much. I knew I was going to be scared, but not when. I finally jumped out of the chair. The aesthetics are magnificent. Awesome, seriously. 🚽😰

Thank you for playing it!

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